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Development and Evolution of the Greek Governmental Satcom Network (ESA 4S)

Partnering with Space Hellas, Hellas Sat and the University of Aegean.

Project Objectives:
GreeCom is an existing closed satellite network connecting governmental agencies and public security forces under the coverage of Hellas Sat satellites. The objective of the project is to design, develop, verify and validate a full cybersecurity modular system as an add-on to be integrated in the existing Greecom architecture. The project aims at the development of a new service, a cyber-physical platform that enhances the security over satellite public safety networks utilizing intelligent algorithms for anomaly detection, timely incident identification/notification, and efficient data routing. DEGREES will introduce new services to support crisis management through a communication framework with reinforced security and increased reliability.

There are a number of challenges and technical risks associated with the development of the project that are foreseen and relevant mitigation actions are predicted.  For example, LEO constellations of the satellites are new in the market and establishing business model for different use cases is cumbersome while there is no constellation of the satellite in orbit yet. Another challenge the project might face is the restriction of access on the Greecom platform that will impact the development and testing of the DEGREES system. 

Product Benefits:
Our product is a System/Service (integrated end-to-end satcom solution comprising both Space, satellite segment for communication needs, and Ground Segment products) which is addressing the sector of satellite communications for governmental use. 

It has the following characteristics: It will build satellite-based communication base stations providing the mission critical 5G network for fast and ad-hoc network deployment for governmental use. The platform consists of private satellite network with 5G local core, offering high availability and ubiquity, bringing about unique advantages in terms of coverage, increased reliability, ultra-robust extreme broadband low latency connectivity, as well as massive networking for e.g. IoT.
Under the vertical of G&I our service will be targeting the Mobility, M2M/IoT and fixed VSAT connectivity for Enterprise sectors. It is also envisaged that our service will fill the gap in the Enterprise sector. Examples can be the existing satellite gateway vendors and the Enterprise asking for secure communications e.g., banking.

Product Features:

DEGREES will introduce new services to support crisis management through a communication framework with reinforced security and increased reliability. The four main components of the DEGREES solution are the following:
The GreeCom SIEM, i.e., a software platform that collects logs and data from the components of the GreeCom network components.
The GreeCom cloud, i.e., the unification of all distributed heterogeneous components – computing, storage and network resources – into a virtualized infrastructure.
The GreeCom network orchestrator, i.e. a new approach to network management that provides new features of flexibility, programmability and logical centralization, which increases network resource utilization, simplifies network management, reduces operating cost, and gives the tools and efficiency to deal with security threats and attacks.
Satellite Network, a clone of the GREECOM gateway, will communicate over satellite with the terminals representing the use cases.

System Architecture:
The DEGREES system uses multiple innovative and low impact technologies for the protection of satellite networks against cyber attacks. The DEGREES system consists of three different subsystems: SIEM platform for the cyber attack detection; CLOUD infrastructure with VM and NFV functionalities and satellite clone systems.
SIEM tools is composed of a data processing unit that collects and processes data coming from network flows and logs from terminals and hubs and is aimed at detecting misbehaving events. Besides, it creates a situational awareness picture and decides countermeasures to be applied by the recovery subsystem.
GreeCom cloud is implemented through a Virtual Infrastructure Manager that deploys the virtualization layer over the physical resources and defines a virtual resource pool. 
The GreeCom Network orchestrator is implemented through an SDN controller platform and/or through VNF installed on GreeCom cloud resources. 
The GreeCom SIEM is installed as a VNF over the GreeCom cloud, and communicates with the system resources and the network orchestrator. 
VMs are made available for operation-specific applications.

Project Plan:
The project consists of four phases:
1.Definition phase (technical studies)
2.Technology phase (product components development)
3.Product phase (integration and verification)
4.Demonstration phase (showcase, pilot set up and execution)

Project Team:

Prime Contractor Company:Space HellasGreece
Subcontractor A:Hellas SatGreece
Subcontractor B:University of Aegean Greece
Subcontractor C:Cloud SignalsGreece