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Cloud Signals Launches Groundbreaking “SCOTSS” Project with ESA

Cloud Signals, a pioneering technology firm, is elated to unveil its latest venture – the “Space-based innovation and digitalization for the school of tomorrow” (SCOTSS) project.  

The project’s consortium is comprised of an impressive lineup of leading companies, organizations and academia partners that bring unparalleled expertise to the table: Ellinogermaniki Agogi, one of the most innovative schools in Europe, University of the Aegean with its pioneering Department of Information and Communication Systems Engineering, COSMOTE, the leading MNO in Greece and member of the OTE and the Deutsche Telecom (DT) group of companies, Omega Technology, experienced and well-known IT provider company, Hellas Sat, leading European Satellite operator. Together, we are poised to create a transformative educational platform that will set new standards for excellence in education and technology. Cloud Signals is honored to play the role of the Prime in this exciting project!   

The SCOTSS project proposes a 5G-enabled, satellite-supported educational platform, that: provides an advanced school experience to students offering access to advanced educational services; introduces space, human spaceflight and satellites as a hands-on educational topic; utilizes earth observation and satellite navigation services to implement a novel educational approach with the goal to increase student awareness on environmental issues. 

The solution relies on an educational platform that supports hybrid educational schemes aiming to redesign the conventional learning and teaching processes with the scope of addressing issues that have been a subject of discussion for several years, like preventing dropouts or reducing the exclusion rates in education. The platform will offer a set of solutions concerning both the teaching and learning process that is based on emotional and cognitive learning analytics within the context of flipped learning in a virtual or hybrid educational scheme. The efficient design of the platform prerequisites the effective combination of the pedagogical aspects with emerging technologies, like virtual/augmented reality (VR/AR). The main project goal is the student-teacher access assurance regardless of the school location, the house location of each individual and the current living conditions. The network of connectivity will be based on terrestrial technologies and 5G, while satellite through 5G backhauling can enable and support the required throughput at remote schools and areas (lacking 5G infrastructure).   

Image by vectorjuice on Freepik