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About us

About Cloud Signals

We are a startup technology company set up in Athens, Greece during the Covid Pandemic to offer specialized space related and Satcom centric products and services.

Founders of Cloud Signals carry extensive experience in the Satellite Communications and Defense Industries as well as in Academia. Their international exposure and relevant experience are the keys to our heritage. We leverage on the success of our people, each one in their own expertise and domain.

Our people are using their space industry experience to improve terrestrial business applications and connectivity.

Our strength lies in the close ties with the European Space Agency, government stakeholders locally and internationally as well as with the major players in the space industry worldwide.

What we believe

We believe that the New Space era is making the industry much simpler in terrestrial terms allowing every citizen and business to access and benefit from space technologies at affordable terms.

A lot of disruptive technologies erode nowadays to the benefit of the consumers and the access to these is made much simpler.

What we do

We are bringing Space born technologies downstream from Space to Earth making them available to the terrestrial economy. Our strength in ICT and Satellite Communications allow us to conceptualize, innovate and make available to market new technologies bridging the gap between air and space thereby transmitting signals upstream, downstream and through the clouds.

Awards & recognition

We are selected as the second incubatee for ESA BIC Greece. (
ESA BIC Greece is implemented by Corallia, a unit of the Research Center Athena. The Greek Ministry of Digital Governance has identified the creation of the ESA BIC Greece as a key element in the development plan of the Greek Space Industry.

We visualize the day when space technology assets speak the same language with terrestrial equivalents in one unified network.

The emerging Low Earth Orbit (LEO) technologies are bringing Space closer to terrestrial technologies thereby bridging the gap of telecommunications and uniting the web below and above the clouds.

LEO technologies take advantage of the satellites’ proximity to the ground that enables them to communicate with minimal time delay, making them ideal for voice communication and other delay sensitive services.

Why choose us

From our foundation in the New Space era, our people bring with them the heritage of Satellite and Space Industries as well as the experience gained from 4 continents. We are experts in Satellite Communications and related technologies with a global network of contacts and resources.

Our expertise in Telecommunications and our active engagement in Research and Development Programmes with ESA and EU has led to the project management and implementation of innovative technologies in the field of ICT and Space.

We are experts in Telecom Research and Development from concept to launch a process entailing market analysis, product strategies, business plans, commercialization and meeting of consumer needs as well as products being correctly marketed.

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of our projects are delivered on time within the budget constraints.

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our partners choose us for their new leads.

We provide high quality services

Product centric approach

Contrary to a purely scientific belief with no clear outlook and objectives, we are focusing on the product per se being live in the market at the end of the project. We don’t produce just to produce. This business model philosophy keeps the company close to the real needs of the ICT market and pushes us to keep expanding our network and contacts with the Greek and European space industry. This is one of our main competitive advantages.


Our project management philosophy delivers on time and on budget. Delivering successfully, on time and on budget is our DNA.


Our focus is our customer and our customer’s customer. End to end orientation from concept to launch based on end user requirements.

Support 24/7

Being a small and newly established firm, we are online around the clock to serve your needs without the need to have an operation center. We provide personalized assistance and support when you need it, without annoying delays.

Our strong team

Dr. Christos Papachristos



Corporate Affairs

Dr. Panagiotis Papakanellos

Advisory Board - Research Consultant


Research Engineer

Interested in our services?

We are open to discuss a new idea, project or even a general chat on space and technology. Technology is our passion. If you share this view, drop us a line and we’ll talk about it online or face to face if you are based in Athens.