Cloud Signals


5G Backhaul Network as a Service (NaaS)

Partnering with Cosmote, Hellas Sat and Comtech.

To support the broadest range of use cases, 5G needs to integrate within a comprehensive system of all available communication technologies, exploiting their strengths and values. Satellite networks are among the most mature communication technologies having specific advantages in geographically distributed and dynamic networks. They provide highly efficient, effective, and expedient network deployments leveraging their intrinsic advantages in broadcasting capabilities, global coverage, reduced reliance on terrestrial infrastructure and high security. Satellite networks are nowadays considered as part of the 5G use case deployments.
Many use cases can be better and more rapidly served using an integrated 5G satellite-terrestrial network rather than relying on terrestrial only solutions. These include providing communication services to remote areas and also to rural and dense urban environments like on-premises local networks, content distribution, content acquisition, highly distributed IoT networks and private mobile and nomadic network deployments.
Cloud Signals is developing a product bundle offering the transport network that connects the core network and the RAN (Radio Access Network) of the mobile network, services making use of the 5G standards and addressing 5G vertical markets (ubiquitous coverage, disaster relief, public safety requirements, emergency response, remote sensor connectivity, broadcast service, etc.) as well as corresponding use cases.