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Information and Communication Technologies powered by Space

About Cloud Signals

We are a technology company specialized in Satcom products and applications based in Athens, Greece.

Our mission is to make the introduction of technology easier to absorb for businesses and institutions by facilitating the transfer of space related engineering, specifying and developing products and services, and supporting their launch in the market.
We invest in state-of-the-art technologies by transferring, developing innovative Technologies and solutions that meet and anticipate market demands.

Our vision is to offer innovative solutions inspired by space technologies addressing the optimisation of existing and the addition of new applications to the industry, verticals and institutions.

What We Do

The changing space industry is nowadays becoming the New Space meaning a whole new era of affordable space technologies open to a wider market segment. Smaller and more flexible companies with strong space heritage and expertise are valuable vehicles for driving the New Space era.
Our company is among those leaders in innovative space technologies.


5G Cellular Backhaul Network as a Service (NaaS)

Cloud Signals is working on bridging the digital divide by developing a product bundle based on a new business model (NaaS) connecting via satellite the core network to the gNB (Next Generation NodeB) of a cellular mobile network. Numerous use cases exist around the globe even in developed countries where the use of the 5G is not straightforward. Satellite high speed connectivity bundled with suitable HW and SW components will make the use of satellite - 5G hybrid a transparent case for the end user.


Safety and Security Cloud Based Technologies

Cloud security that shields cloud data, applications, and infrastructure from threats is becoming increasingly important as we march forward the digital era. Security in space and on Earth are inextricably linked. The deployment of advanced satellite systems is crucial for resilient and secure connectivity on Earth. We work with institutions and industries using cloud-based technologies to convert digital assets into resilient and secure applications on the ground, for land, sea and air, for various applications.


Studies on ICT and Space Selected Topics

The company is blessed in having a team founded by executives in the Space and Telecoms industries. Having this team, we can undertake a variety of studies on Information and Communication technology, such as 5G/6G telecommunications, satellite communications and various space-selected topics.

Transferring & developing new Innovative Technologies

Be it a space related customized project or a more standardized satcom service, we are flexible to discuss the needs of our customers.

Looking for Partnership


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